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Meeting room

NEW: Meeting Experience Center by Barco

Meeting room

On the 27th June Barco opened the ClickShare Meeting Experience Center at their headquarters in Kortrijk. Here they reflect their vision on meaningful workspaces in the design of 8 different meeting room archetypes, ranging from formal to informal, from functional to creative or from collaboration space to a classic meeting room setting.

All meeting rooms start from equitable user experiences, both for in-room and remote attendees. Each space has its own identity and purpose, creating a vibrant, meaningful space where employees can meet, connect, collaborate and re-energize.

As our TD SYNNEX reseller you can come visit this unique Meeting Experience Center at Barco together with your end-customers. Come find inspiration and experience the benefits of these meeting rooms by working in them yourself.

Contact our dedicated internal sales specialist Ajoy Nijs to book your visit at Barco.

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