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Microsoft CloudAscent

Get sales insights on your existing customers

78 million businesses need digital transformation. Tap into this market with CloudAscent, which uses data-driven analysis to reveal existing customers who are ready to buy.

CloudAscent – Build customers for life

Get data-driven insights into your existing customer base

CloudAscent uses machine learning on your sales and data sources to highlight new opportunities and generate fresh customer propensity reports monthly.

Download your customer opportunity reports

High-propensity customers you’ve transacted with will appear in your report on Partner Center.

Reach your leads with Microsoft’s go-to-market Solution plays

Quickly and easily deploy GTM campaigns to educate and nurture your customers to drive engagement and close more deals.

Align your sales outreach with customer intent

CloudAscent calculates your customers’ intent to buy and sorts them into four clusters. Prioritize the “Act Now” and “Evaluate” clusters, as they are immediate sales opportunities.

  • Act now: Activate your sales team and tele-agents to reach out to sales-ready customers.
  • Evaluate: Engage marketing-ready customers with targeted multichannel campaigns.
  • Nurture: Target interested customers with ready-to-use awareness campaigns.
  • Educate: Monitor intent and inform using broad-focus digital marketing campaigns.

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