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Lenovo 360

Evolving our world together through a powerful channel framework

Shaping the power of business
in the channel

Lenovo 360 fully supports our channel partners, enabling mutual growth through a constantly evolving framework. Lenovo created the Lenovo 360 framework in 2021 to help solve the challenges of an increasingly competitive market. Since then, the framework has continued to evolve. Now Lenovo has reached the next stage of growth, bringing together flexible solutions, sales enablement, incentives and community initiatives. By engaging with Lenovo 360, they can work together to enhance your agility, strengthen your competitive position and broaden areas of expertise. Discover what this framework can deliver for your business.

What is Lenovo 360 Status?

Lenovo introduced new ways for you to achieve recognition and rewards, which is reflected in your Lenovo 360 Status. The Status that an organization can achieve is divided into groups of Accreditation and Tiers.

Accreditations can be achieved when individual sellers complete the necessary Credentials and Certifications, and certain revenue targets are met.

Status is awarded to organizations that meet revenue and accreditation criteria.

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