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Empower 365 Program FY24

Our comprehensive Modern Work training program

In today’s digital landscape, businesses face increasing cyber threats. It’s no wonder that over 70% of SMBs believe that these threats are becoming more of a business risk.

By joining Empower365, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to address these pressing concerns and offer the right cybersecurity solutions that businesses are actively seeking. Did you know that 90% of SMBs would consider hiring a new MSP if they provided the right cybersecurity solution? This presents a significant opportunity for you to attract new customers and grow your business.


But the benefits of Empower365 extend beyond cybersecurity. With our program, you’ll also experience improved efficiency and productivity. Imagine reducing the time spent deploying and managing new software by 25% through Intune. That means more time to focus on delivering exceptional solutions and driving your business forward. Collaborative apps can save you and your users a whopping 60 hours per year. This translates to increased productivity and more time for innovation. Additionally, virtual meetings can bring you a 25% savings on travel and expenses, while Windows Autopilot’s low-touch capabilities can cut endpoint configuration times by 75%. These efficiencies add up, allowing you to provide better value to your customers and boost your own bottom line.

Empower365 offers a range of learning paths tailored to partners of all levels. Whether you’re just starting out or already an expert, our program has the right level for you. By participating in Empower365, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to deliver high-quality solutions and achieve greater success in the world of Modern Work.


Join us for an exclusive webinar where we will dive deeper into the Empower365 program and explore how it can empower you to capitalize on the growing demand for cybersecurity solutions, enhance productivity, and drive your business growth.


Register now and join us on this exciting journey to Modern Work success!

Webinar: Empower 365 Program
August 24, 11:00 – 12:00 (CET)

Webinar: Empower 365 Program
September 19, 14:00 – 15:00 (CET)

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