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Microsoft Teams Town Halls

Town halls in Microsoft Teams

Retiring Microsoft Teams Live Events

Introducing Town halls, a new virtual event experience that will replace Teams Live Events and will be generally available starting October 5, 2023.

Town Halls in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is introducing Town halls in Microsoft Teams, a new experience to host and deliver large-scale, internal events to create connections across an organization. Town halls will provide a one-to-many format with advanced production capabilities and a structured approach for attendee engagement. With Town halls, customers can host various types of internal and external events including companywide Town halls, all hands, global team meetings, internal broadcasts, fireside chats, and more. Town halls in Microsoft Teams enable customers to extend their reach to scale their message and connect with audiences around the world; create professionally produced, studio-quality events that deliver a more dynamic experience; and structure and manage audience engagement to maximize participation and maintain focus on the event.

Teams Live Events retirement

With the introduction of Town halls, Teams Live Events will be retired for commercial customers on September 30, 2024. This provides your commercial customers with a 12-month window to prepare for the retirement and transition off Teams Live Events. Between now and September 2024, customers can continue to use Teams Live Events with no change in their existing experience. After September 30, 2024, Teams Live Events will no longer be supported, and access will be discontinued. Your customers won’t be able to schedule, start, or join any events on Teams Live Events after this date.

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