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Microsoft DMC

Digital Marketing Content OnDemand

Digital Marketing Content OnDemand provides multi-channel marketing campaigns at no extra cost to Microsoft partners. Here you can find social media, blog, and email campaigns, as well as web banners to post on your site. Unlock expertise that can drive customer engagement and elevate your business.

What can you do with Digital Marketing Content OnDemand?

Utilize one or both of these tools to engage and manage strategically curated Microsoft content. Expand your network by opening up new opportunities for growth and take your business to the next level.

Social Marketing Campaigns

The next generation of automated content marketing. Through this platform you will be able to share content directly to your social accounts, email lists, and blogs. Additionally, Microsoft provides you with sales enablement content to support your conversations with customers.

Web Banners

Through this portal you will be able to attract and engage customers by leveraging professionally crafted and dynamic web marketing content, delivered directly to your website.

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