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Security Depth Enablement

Unlock the power of Microsoft Security capabilities

Security Depth Training

Are you ready to elevate your technical skills and unlock the power of Microsoft Security solutions? Then Security Depth training is just for you. You’ll embark on a journey led by Microsoft experts to master security solutions like never before.

These multi-day training events are packed full of in-depth sessions tailored to provide you with advanced knowledge of cybersecurity, threat protection, incident response, and more. Within the span of a few days, you’ll have gained the expertise to assess customer needs and seamlessly implement security solutions from start to finish. 

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Why choose Security Depth training?

When you join the Security Depth program, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • How to implement Microsoft Security solutions for customers
  • Guidance from seasoned instructors with real-world insight 
  • Flexible training to fit your schedule and working hours 
  • Access to upcoming live sessions in English, with live captions in 12 languages

In addition, many Security Depth training events feature hands-on labs, exclusive to a limited number of Microsoft partner participants. These labs are offered on a first-come, first-served basis in partnership with Skillable.

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