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ChromeOS Flex

The ultimate sustainable solution

ChromeOS, developed by Google, is a lightweight, cloud-based operating system designed for simplicity and efficiency. Unlike Windows, which is packed with features and customization options, ChromeOS focuses on the essentials, delivering a streamlined experience that’s easy to use and secure.

ChromeOS Flex

At this moment, 40% of the Windows 10 devices are not able to update to Windows 11 due to Microsoft’s minimum hardware requirements, according to new research from IT asset management firm Lansweeper.

The ultimate solution to extend the lifespan of these devices is ChromeOS Flex, a cloud-first operating system that is fast, secure and easy to manage. ChromeOS Flex can be downloaded and installed on your device via a USB drive. All for free! Simply click here.

ChromeOS (Flex) is known for being incredibly fast and responsive, having built-in security features that protect your data from malware and viruses and being very easy to use both for individuals and for businesses.

This solution also contributes to the environment as you reduce the e-waste. Not only do you bring new life to your older devices, their battery life is extended as well because Chrome Flex uses significantly less energy than other operating systems, in fact on average, it even uses up to 19% less energy. Overall, Chrome Flex is a great solution for sustainability. Make sure to check out our video on sustainability here.

Chrome Enterprise upgrade

Are you looking to use ChromeOS or ChromeOS Flex within your company? Chrome Enterprise upgrade is  a must have to manage those devices in your domain. Chrome Enterprise upgrade grants you access to the Google Admin Console, which allows businesses to manage their Chrome (Flex) devices remotely, setting policies, deploying updates, and troubleshooting issues. Chrome Enterprise upgrade also offers advanced security features such as data loss prevention and malware protection and last but not least Google offers 24/7 support. 

So, if you are looking for an easy solution that does not require throwing away your older device, Chrome Flex and Chrome Enterprise upgrade are just perfect for you. Chrome Flex is free, sustainable, secure and reliable. So do not hesitate and try it out today or contact us for more information!

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