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Barco ClickShare Conference just got even better.

Firmware 2.16

In the dynamic landscape of modern workspaces, adaptability is key. Meeting rooms must seamlessly accommodate diverse scenarios, users, and technologies while bringing the same user experience.

With the 2.16 firmware update, ClickShare confirms its position as the most flexible collaboration solution on the market. Designed to be inclusive and user-friendly, ClickShare empowers anyone to host video calls and share content from their personal devices. This is made possible through the innovative automatic switch feature, seamlessly transitioning from in-room video conferencing systems to Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) mode.

Gone are the days of rigid setups and limited functionality: ClickShare enables the ultimate flexibility in every type of room. 

What’s New in Firmware 2.16?

  • Autoswitch between room system & BYOM
  • Interactivity
  • Ultrawide screen (21:9) support
1. Automatic Switching between Room System & BYOM

With ClickShare CX-50 2nd generation

ClickShare revolutionizes the meeting experience by offering consistent functionality in every meeting room, even those equipped with fixed room systems like Microsoft Teams Room. By integrating the ClickShare CX-50 2nd generation into a fixed room system, wireless sharing, and native interoperability are seamlessly introduced. Whether initiating a meeting via BYOM mode through the Button or the App, or through the established room setup, the choice is yours.

Firmware 2.16 empowers the CX-50 2nd generation to autonomously switch the camera and speakerphone from a fixed room system to your laptop. This means effortless transitioning between the standard video conferencing platform and the Bring Your Own Meeting mode, allowing you to join calls on various video conferencing platforms using your laptop.

Once you plug in the ClickShare Button and initiate the call, it takes control of the camera, microphone, and speaker, utilizing them in BYOM mode. Upon call completion and Button removal, the peripherals return to the default in-room system.

Touchback, annotation and blackboarding for more interaction

CX-50 2nd gen now supports interactive features such as touchback, blackboarding and annotation.

Meeting attendees can directly interact with the screen and make annotations in real time. You can enable more opportunities for interaction, active participation and in-depth collaboration.

2. Ultrawide Screen (21:9) Support for ClickShare 2nd Gen Range

All second-generation C and CX ClickShare models now offer support for ultrawide screens (21:9) via USB-C (DisplayPort).

The 21:9 format optimizes ConferenceView, ensuring both content and participants are visible side by side, utilizing the entire screen’s pixel real estate. This ensures an equitable meeting experience, ensuring remote participants feel both heard and seen.

3. The newly-revamped XMS Cloud

ClickShare presents the revamped XMS Cloud platform, a robust tool for managing, monitoring, and optimizing meeting experiences. XMS Cloud offers:

  • Efficient, secure, and remote configuration, installation, and management
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Automatic notifications for timely intervention and maximized uptime
  • Meeting behavior data for monitoring and enhancing meeting experiences
  • Insights into device status and usage
  • A marketplace for integrating tailored functionalities

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