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Apple Digisprong

Agency Case


The Digisprong is a project of the Flemish Government in which they strive for the digitization of education. A total of €375 million will go to ICT devices, ICT training courses and ICT coordinators. The Flemish Government has now decided how much budget each school will receive to invest in digital education in the coming years. (From the first kindergarten up to and including the 4th grade, there will be an ICT device for shared use in every classroom. From the 5th grade, every student will have access to their own ICT device.) Now that schools know how much they can spend, they can decide for themselves which devices to buy for their students.

Apple would like to capitalize on part of that budget by informing schools about the possibilities of iPad in education and create awareness around the lower purchase price than what most expect.


Offline Marketing:

TD SYNNEX Agency has designed and hung posters in 200 schools. This creates awareness among the students in such a way that they can make their voices heard in the school’s decision which ICT equipment will be purchased.

The posters included a QR code leading to the website which was also built by TD SYNNEX Agency. This website enabled both students and teachers to learn about the benefits of Apple products in the classroom.

Email Marketing: An email was sent to all Flemish schools with additional information. An informative brochure could be downloaded via this email and people could register for 1 of the 5 Apple webinars.

After the webinars, a follow-up email was sent to all registered people with the recordings of the webinar as an extra.

Telemarketing: Those who registered for the webinar were called by an APLS (Apple Professional Learning Specialist). This helped separate the cold from the warm leads.

Display Ads: TD SYNNEX arranged online advertisements on Klasse and KlasCement, which are platforms for schools, teachers, the schoolboard, and school staff.

The goal here was to create extra awareness around the message from Apple that iPads have advantages over laptops.

In addition, advertisements have also been set up on Gimme, a platform from schools to parents. This is to make parents aware of the advantages of the iPad because children can also use it at home.

This campaign is ongoing.
We are looking forward to the results!

We are here for you. Don’t hesitate to contact one of TD SYNNEX’s Trusted Advisors.