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34 Inch ViewFinity S6 S65UC UWQHD 100Hz High-resolution Monitor

Also available with webcam
Ultra wide immersion

Immerse yourself in games, movies or design projects. A 34″ 1000R curved display surrounds you with a 21:9 aspect ratio. The curve closely matches the human field of sight, so you can maximize your screen real estate and reach new levels of productivity with less eye strain.

Enhanced realism through more color

See a wider gamut of colors for stunning accuracy and detail. HDR10 provide near limitless hues and true-to-life color representation, with darker darks and the brighter brights. Every piece of content becomes a joy to look at and can be experienced exactly as intended.

Sound without taking up space

Work, learn and play without the need for additional peripherals. With built-in speakers, you can free up desk space by minimizing the connections needed for a more efficient working environment, while ensuring you can listen to any content with ease.

Master multiple sources in harmony

A built-in KVM switch lets you connect and control two sources to your monitor at once. with just one keyboard and mouse. You choose:split screen. Picture in Picture or Picture by Picture are all possible. Be more efficient and remove multi-device hassle with easy input switching and multitasking.

Connect and adjust to meet your needs

A USB-C port lets you power up your device and transmit data with just one cable, and a LAN port lets you connect to a LAN-less laptop for Ethernet use. Clean cable management combines with the adjustable height on the screen that tilts and swivels for comfortable and attractive al-day use.

Relieve your eyes from strain

Keep your eyes fresh with less screen strain. For those late-night projects, brightness and color temperature automatically optimize tor your environment. TUV-certified for intelligent eye care, Samsung reduces screen flickering and protects eyes against excessive blue light with eye saver mode.

Smooth, stutterless gameplay

A 100 Hz refresh rate and AMD FreeSync work together to keep your screen smooth in any application, so you can forget about screen stuttering and image tearing. See everything and perform your best without missing a single thing.

A more sustainable monitor

Sustainable and recycled materials mean a more environmentally-friendly monitor, with 5% of the rear cover made with recycled plastic (OBP). Plus, a manufacturing process that reduces the amount of plastics and emissions delivers a monitor you can feel good about using.

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