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VMware solutions

VMware solutions @ TD SYNNEX

Anywhere workspace:
Carbon Black & Workspace ONE

Due to the shift to remote and hybrid working models, it is crucial to maintain secure access to data and apps from any location. VMware Workspace One offers employees simple, secure, and flexible access to the cloud, from any device. IT departments benefit from safe access control, application management, and multi-platform endpoint management.

This flexible way of working requires companies to protect their data. Endpoints however are often a weak spot within the network. IT and security professionals know that the threat landscape is dynamic. Every day, attackers are getting smarter and coming up with new techniques to avoid detection. Therefore companies should be prepared.

Automated Cloud-native threat hunting and incident response from Carbon Black offer a solution, uniquely positioned to meet today’s needs.

Modern Apps

Scalability is an advantage, but also a poisoned chalice. It’s not difficult managing ten or twenty containers, but what if you need hundreds or even thousands of instances of an application running in a data center with hundreds of servers? To remain cost-effective, all of the different workloads must be distributed as efficiently as possible over the available hardware. No IT administrator wants to do such a job manually on such a large scale.

At this point, an orchestrator is needed to maintain an overview. Kubernetes is such an open source solution and VMware Tanzu is based on it.

A powerful management platform is needed to maintain an overview. Tanzu provides the solution.

vSAN: VMware’s
server and storage platform

vSAN is VMware’s software-defined storage platform. By integrating vSAN with vSphere (hypervisor 001) and vCenter (management) into a single, hyper-converged Infrastructure, you no longer need specialist knowledge or expensive storage devices. Plus, you benefit from a scalable, secure infrastructure with optimal freedom of movement.

Cloud Provider Program

The VMware Cloud Provider Program enables partners to invest in VMware infrastructure on a monthly subscription basis, driving the success of public and hybrid clouds.

The VMware Cloud Provider Program is comprised of VMware software-as-a-service offerings and our global ecosystem of VMware Service Provider Partners. It is the ideal solution for all companies that offer hosted services to third parties.

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