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Introducing the TD SYNNEX & Hitachi Vantara Inspire Program

TD SYNNEX Inspire is a comprehensive specialist-supported programme that’s dedicated to helping you get the sales, marketing and business development support you need to be able to offer Hitachi storage solutions whilst building an environment to develop sales and technical capability quickly and effectively.

Six great reasons to join

Number 1
Profitable solutions with rich margins for partners.
Number 2
Broad portfolio of innovative data management solutions..
Number 3
Small channel approach enables focus and collaboration with our partners for success.
Number 4
Enterprise-grade quality engineering across our portfolio.
Number 5
Long-standing reputation for performance, resilience and world-class support.
Number 6
Compelling mid-market propositions at entry-level prices.

Partnering with us is easy

We will give you:

  • Dedicated support towards the required presales and sales certifications for partner status
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Contact and support from Hitachi experts

Showcasing Hitachi Vantara’s mid-range,
enterprise-class VSP E Series.

This storage series protects data and applications with a 100% data availability guarantee.

Customers like this series of storage solutions because they:

  • Are all based on the same operating system
  • Can reduce manual tasks by up to 70% with automated admin, analytics and protection
  • Are scalable
  • Use AI-powered software tools to help simplify management and improve IT operational efficiencies
  • Free up capacity using advanced data reduction technology that offers a 4:1 sight-unseen data reduction guarantee

Why become a partner with Hitachi Vantara?

Number 1
We put you as a partner first

with lucrative advantages on a clear path to sustained growth.

Number 2
The data-cloud service market is huge

our partners are well positioned with fast-to-market solutions.

Number 3
You can offer a wide choice to your customers

with front row access to emerging markets like object storage, Internet of Things (IoT) and the cloud

Number 4
You join a partner programme

designed to help you grow with our resell, deliver, manage and create approach.

Number 5
You get to optimise profitability

with our strategically designed focus on your growth and revenue, and increasing satisfaction with your customers.

Number 6
You enjoy a competitive advantage

our partner programme is not oversubscribed, and we give you the attention, care, resources and tools you need for success.

Number 7
You can leverage our expertise

with potential to enter new markets in health, rail, tech, research and development, power utilities and edge-to-cloud infrastructure.

Number 8
You can offer your customers value-added services

like installation, implementation to cloud and managed services.

Number 9
You get access to our centralised partner portal

packed with go-to-market resources, configuration tools, deal registration, partner support and partner profitability tools.

Number 10
You get access to our partner marketing hub

with dedicated marketing and sales support, marketing development funds, incentives and back-end rebates.

Key features you can offer your customers

High performance, mid-market storage

Enterprise-grade functionality at an entry-level price point ideal for small to medium sized organisations. Competitive pricing, 100% data availability guarantee, and comprehensive software stack.

Secure data management

Next-generation data management that consolidates, archives, automates, protects, searches and analyses data according to business needs. Secure, continuous data access across public-private clouds, with end-user data protection.

Hybrid cloud solutions

Suits all sizes of organisation. One View unified resource management across on-premises infrastructure and clouds. Use cases include VDI, ROBO, edge deployments, isolated or intense workloads, and specific solutions for SAP, Hana and Oracle.

Constant back-up

Immutable back-up functionality protects data from malware or accidental deletion. Integrates with leading partners like Veeam, Veritas and CommVault.

Wholesale cloud services for partners

The attractive margin-rich recurring revenues are higher than the typical single-digit margins from hyper-scalers. Partners also enjoy transparent billing and simple provisioning, no required investment to get started.